Lending a Hand to the Future

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Welcome to Lending a Hand's Community outreach page!

As a community based organization, our goal is to always provide the services that assist, touch and most importantly make an impact on those we serve, in a way that will plant a seed in the garden of their lives.

Intentionally, we are far more than just a childcare agency, thanks to the connections we make with the children and families we serve in the our program, community and beyond.  T.G.I.T.G.

You Can Help

It takes a lot of resources to give children and youth what they need to learn, grow and thrive. Lending a Hand to the Future actively accepts any donations you're willing to make. When you donate, it goes directly to serving the children and families in both our program and the community.

Examples of how your donation is spent are for our free community pantry, which provides free food, toiletries and more to those in need. We help, children, seniors, veterans and even those impacted fire, or other hardships.  You can join our "new village" by clicking the link above.

All monetary donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.